Named after the Hotel Irondale, a Moses Family
owned Hotel that housed Pennsylvania workers who lived
to make steel and drink beer in the early to mid 1900's.
The Breweries' second offering is JOHNNY MO's
Tres Vieux IPA. Tres Vieux, meaning "very old style"
India Pale Ale, is reminiscent of Beers brewed for
European Landed Gentry - the Gentlemen Land
Owners of the 16th Century. 

This Unfiltered IPA is aggressively hopped, but
perfectly balanced with a light citrus & fruit essence. 

So lift a glass of this Memorable Beer and toast those
who are long gone, but certainly not forgotten.

"An IPA so Rich, it's like Money in a Bottle."

16.9 oz. bottles - 7% ABV. 
Monterey, California